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Fast Food.

Fast Food.
Fast Food.

Most of us like to have some fast food occasionally. It can be quite tasty and children, especially, are very fond fit. If they are taken to eat out most of them will opt for a fast-food restaurant. Actually fast food is spread all over the world. A man can't stay at home without fast-food.

 Adults, too, are often in the mood for fast food. Sometimes, they have arrived home from work very late, too tired to cook. The idea of going out to a fast-food place or having some fast food delivered can seem a very tempting idea.

 The occasional treat never harms anyone. As long as people do not eat a lot of fast food, then it is quite all right. Problems arise when people eat too much of it
 There are several things wrong with an excess of fast food. First of all, fast food usually contains a great deal of fat. An excess of fat, particularly saturated fat, in the diet is very bad for people's health. It can lead to obesity and all sorts of health problems, such as heart disease. 

Fast food often also contains a great deal of salt. We need to have a certain amount of salt in our diet, but our salt requirement is quite small. The amount of salt that is added to fast food is much greater than this requirement. Too much salt, like too much fat, can cause health problems. In particular, an excess of salt can cause high blood pressure. If this is not diagnosed and treated, it can be a very serious condition.

A diet that contains too much fast food does not contain enough fruit and vegetables. Fast food does not. therefore, have the vitamins we need to keep us healthy. For our health's sake we should not eat too much of it.

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