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Advantages and Disadvantages of Television.

There are many people who think that television is a bad thing  . As is that the case with many things , television has its good points.

 Some people think that one of the bad points  about television is the amount of violence that occurs in some of the programmes . They worry that this might have a bad effect on children , who might be tempted to copy Some of these violent acts .

If children do react like that , it is not all the fault of the programme makers . Children are often allowed to watch programmes that are not really suitable for them . Parents should be more careful about what they let their children view .

Disadvantages of TV

 Another disadvantage of television is that it has had a bad effect on people ' s social habits . In many cases , television has replaced hobbies such as reading and chess and has even prevented family members from having conversations with each other . Often people even eat their meals ahead of the TV . Seeing more TV makes our eyes worse.

It is  is really unfair to blame television for this . People should limit their viewing to programme that basically interest them. They should not watch it all the time .

Advantages of TV

Whatever the disadvantages of television, it has many advantages. Television provides us with a wide range of information that we would otherwise not have access to. We have a great many news programmes and programmes about what is going on in the rest of the world. This makes television a very important educational tool.

 Television has a social advantage as well. It can stop people from feeling lonely. People who live alone and have few friends often find TV a great comfort.

There are good things and bad things about television. The most important thing about it is that we should learn to use it sensibly.

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