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The sunset.

The sunset seen.
The sunset.

One of the finest scene that one can have is the scene at sunset. Now nature assumes a very special look. Viewers get enchanted at the marvellous beauty of the sight.

 The time at sunset stands in sharp contrast to that at sunrise. Now light gradually gets more dim and faded. The sun less bright now slowly digs into the horizon. The sun becomes gradually red and at the moment of setting becomes bigger than its normal size.

The sky around the descending sun gets purple. The clouds if there be any at the moment have generally different colours and shapes. There is usually a hush and quiet at the moment in the entire environment. Birds become busy returning to their nests.

The herds of cattle too get back home. Prayers are uttered from temples and mosques. The atmosphere becomes unusually calm and cool as well. Slowly and silently darkness descends and evening begins. The sight of sunset can be best enjoyed from the sea beach or the hills where the viewer can have an uninterrupted view of the setting sun.

 The sight of a big disc of fire entering. into the sea is really a sight worth seeing. Almost equally beautiful a sight can be experienced from the hill top. The scene of sunset is one of the main reasons why sea towns or hill stations draw so many people every year.

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