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Your first speech at a school function

Your first speech at a school function
your speech at a school function.

I can well remember the first speech which I  school . I was then 11 years old reading in Class V the function held on the occasion of the Independence Day.

        The day was celebrated in our school with great eclat. After the hoisting of the national flag , everybody entered the Assembly Hall for attending the main function there. I was quite nervous on the day . I was informed that my name was in the middle of list of names of the participating candidates . I was anxiously and nervously waiting for my turn to come . 

At long last , my name was announced and at the moment a sense of fear and anxiety ran down my spine . I went up to the dais to deliver my speech which I prepared well for the big occasion . But I seemed to forget every thing as I saw the huge audience right in front of me . My legs began to totter and my lips became parched and dry.  Anyway I somehow composed myself. I went with my speech courageously . Soon the audience seemed to be liking speech  and this encourage me tremendously . At the  end audience really burst into thundering cheers  in appreciation of my speech .

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