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Travelling in a plane.

Your experience of travelling in a plane.

Like every child I always had a dream of travelling in plane.  Not only that I Was also curious enough about the aeroplane itself flying So high over our heads and looking so small in the sky . My dream of enjoying a journey by plane and seeing such a wonderful means of air transport face to face  materialized on 15th October , 2005 when I accompanied my parents to Guwahati from Kolkata . We flew Over to the capital of Assam  to  spend a few days in my maternal uncle ' s house there . Father had our tickets booked well in advance and we reached Netaji Subhas Chandra Basu International Airport , Dum Dum one hour before the journey .

Then the customs officer checked our tickets and bags . We started Walking towards the plane when an announcement for departure of the plane was made . I was feeling tremendously excited about my first ever plane journey . . My long cherished dream was going to come true in the space of a few minutes
window side

At long last , we got into the plane climbing the short flight of stairs . I was really lucky to have a seat just beside the window . My immediate reaction was that the plane which always looks so small flying in the sky was actually so huge and could contain so many passengers .

 Then an announcement was made asking the passengers to tie up their seat belts . I was assisted by father to do the job. Very soon the plane started moving and took off . Initially I felt nervous . I gradually , however , got over my nervousness and started enjoying the journey to the full .

The objects on earth below looked really small and unclear as the plane Was moving through the air so high above the clouds . In the meantime We Were served snacks by the air hostess . I Was literally gulping down the series of wonderful sights which presented themselves in course of the air travel . I could hardly understand how two hours ' time had passed SO quickly . Our plane landed Guwahati Airport , My first plane journey came to a close . But my memory will definitely , Store such a most exciting experience for life .

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