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The student' s duty to the teacher.

The student duty to his teacher.

A student has several duties to perform. He has his duty to his parents, to his class and fellow mates and to his neighbours. But the student has his duty to his teachers which is no less important than those have already mentioned.

The Teacher and the Student

The student has indeed different duties to the teacher who is a sort of father to him . The student gets a new life when he gets education from the teacher . One ' s father brings one to the world while the teacher teaches one how to adjust oneself in the world . Thus the teacher plays a huge role in a student ' s life . He builds up his character and moulds him into a man in society .

 The student should hence always obey and respect the teacher . He should attend the class regularly , listen to the teacher ' s lectures , take down notes and prepare homework . He also ask the teacher for clarification and explanation of certain academic matters . A student ' s perfection in all aspects of learning will definitely produce the teacher ' s entire satisfaction .

The student must make an atmosphere in the class - room where the teacher can impart education to students without any kind of distraction and disturbance . Students should never indulge in gossip and while away the time . This is bad . They should remain focused on their studies .

 Academic matters apart , Students should co - operate with the teachers in conducting Co - curricular and cultural activities such as debate , drama , music and the like . The student should always try to emulate his  teacher who will set a very high standard of academic and ethical excellence .

Such a student doing and performing all his duties to his teachers Can alone emerge as a great student who will definitely prosper in life. 

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