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A scene in the examination hall.

A scene in the examination hall.
Exam hall

The scene in an examination hall is a grave serious one . Before the start of the examination candidates have a careful look over their notes . When the warning bell goes , they enter the examination hall and take their seats . Now the students discuss with each other the probable questions and some brood on their notes . With the second bell , the invigilators enter the hall with question papers. First , answer Scripts are distributed and the students write the necessary things on them . Then the question papers are distributed . Some candidates look happy and others look at the question papers blankly.

 When the exam is start the students are silent. Candidates go on writing answers seriously . After one hour , the candidates seek the permission of the invigilators to go out . Then they demand loose sheets of paper . The candidates become very busy and fast when the second bell goes . Those who adopt unfair means are expelled . During the last fifteen minutes , they are awfully busy . When the final bell rings , answer scripts are collected by the invigilators and the examines leave the examination hall .

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