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The indoor game I like more.

The indoor game I like more.

There are many indoor games such as chess, ludo and card-game. Of these I am most fond of chess. My favourite indoor game not only gives me pleasure and amusement, it also gives something more.

 Playing chess well the player must have mental skill. He must have patience, a quality which is so essential to become a good chess player. He is required to sit out for quite a long period of time in front of his rival. Only sitting this way will not help his cause. He will have to be always thinking about the result of every movement. He must look ahead and do the calculation about every movement. One must have great power of concentration and application.

The game of chess, is actually a battle, a wrestling match between two minds. There is always a mental combat between the players who sit perfectly still and silent. The cleverer of the two wins the match.

 But chess is not merely a game for getting pleasure. It is a fine form of mental exercise, too. It teaches one to read the opponent's mind, to look ahead, and to calculate. People are, therefore, fond of the great game of chess for real excitement and interest and also for proper mental and intellectual recreation and exercise.

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