Presence of mind.

 Presence of mind is a great gift of God to a man. It means doing something at the very moment when it is to be done. One has to show it immediately and quickly. It also means the readiness and preparedness of wit in a man.

Presence of mind is a great virtue. It is not very common in men. It is a god gifted quality. It helps a man in many ways. It is generally to be shown in the time of any crisis, danger or difficulty. For example, a student finds a difficult mathematical problem in the examination and fails to solve it despite spending some time. In such a situation the student having presence of mind would leave the problem alone and try other questions easier to him. Acting rightly and immediately at the time of need will thus save one from many difficult situations.

The show presence of mind, a person must have sharp wit and intellect, courage, and promptness. This is a virtue which is generally natural in man. We may also develop this great virtue in us by mixing with the persons in whom it is very natural.