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Moonlit night.

  1. A moonlit night.
    Moonlit night

Moonlit night are very charming throughout the world especially in tropical regions. Nature seems to be covered up in mystery on a moonlit night. Moonlit nights are so attractive because they are few and far between.

In tropical countries people can enjoy the beauties of a moonlit night more than in cold countries. The sky here remains generally clear. The weather is pleasant for its enjoyment.

 On a moonlit night the moon casts a magical spell on nature. The whole atmosphere changes into that of a fairy land. The soft and sweet moon-beams keep the entire environment pretty calm and cool. Nature is now quite silent. There is mystery all around. The objects which look dull in daylight,now even look very beautiful. Charming things look even more attractive and fascinating. Nature is at her rest now.

But visit to some places on moonlit nights is a great experience. The beauties of the Tajmahal at Agra, the sea at Puri or Kovalam, the hills of Nanital, the Dal Lake of Kashmir increase hundred fold on moonlit nights. These places reach the heights of heavenly beauties under the full moon.

The moonlit fall constitutes one of this stunning phenomena of world. It happens when this light climbs at this sky. It constitutes really loving to both masculine and feminine. The moon could also be crescent or full, but it's beautiful in both forms. We count six seasons during a year. In each season we see the moon for 2 fortnights with an opportunity in between. But the moon in Autumn appears in its best. In Autumn the sky remain quite clear.

 So ,the silvery light over floods every thing. The autumnal moon beams its silvery light. The moon is gloss sort of a piece of glass. the complete moon seems like a silvery plate. it's beautiful within the blue autumnal sky. The sky in Autumn is obvious . Here and there a couple of patches of white clouds float swiftly. The moon plays hide-and-seek with these bulging pieces of clouds. it's very pleasant to seem at the sky at the time and to listen to the night-birds play their sweet notes within the moonlit sky. the world seems to be washed with moon-light. The moon reflects on the ponds and tanks.

The moonlit fall equals one darkness when this entire light glows with this entire beam at the light and shining sky. On the moonlit fall, this bordering air equals inundated with a beam of the moon. A moonlit night is charming and attractive. It presents an amazing sight.

A moonlit night dazzles our yes and soothes our heart.  The canals, rivers, stream, and Brooks sparkle with the light of the moon. People of all ages are beside with joy during a moonlit night. The boys become busy with playing if they need on work to try to to . during a moonlit night, people cannot attend sleep early but enjoy the gorgeous sight of nature.

The youngsters begin of doors to concentrate to the stories narrated by their grandmother. The old people pass their times in gossiping. After day's diligence , people wish to pass their time in making merriment and amuse themselves during a moonlit night.

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