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Information Technology.

Information Technology.

The modern age is being literally ruled by information technology . It has become part and parcel of modern life . There is hardly any sphere of human life where IT as it is popularly called , has not entered Information technology is the system or devices used for receive analysing in all its forms and their application in alma eres of our life .Information technology has two main systems : communication System and tele - communication system. It has wide areas of use and application .

 It is used in all aspects of human life such as courts and offices , mills and factories , Schools , colleges , and universities , libraries and laboratories . Information technology Saves human labour and relieves man from the monotony of work . One can accomplish a fair amount of work with the greatest of speed , and at the same time with the greatest of output . It has worked wonders is distant communication . We can establish contact with people living in distant places in no time .

 Now We have Internet always at our service . We can keep ourselves abreast of the latest information on  any subject in any country . Information technology has killed distance and brought the countries closer to one another . It is quite heartening to note that India has achieved a tremendous Success in Information technology . It is gaining in popularity in every corner of the country .

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