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Charity of mother Teresa.[350 words]

Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa may be a now a household name not only in India but everywhere the planet . She was the embodiment of affection and compassion. She was an angle of peace. She devoted her life to the explanation for the poor, the sick and therefore the down-trodden.

Mother Teresa was born in Catholic family on 26th August in 1910 in Yugoslavia. From her very childhood, she had an excellent mind to render service to poor and sick people. Shewanted to renounce the planet for this purpose. She decided to become a nun to form her dream a reality. She picked up Kolkata and joined St. Mary’s School at Entally as a Geography teacher in 1928 at the age of eighteen. Here she worked for eighteen years. But this work couldn't satisfy her.

 Her heart cried constantly for the sick and therefore the poor. In 1946, on the thanks to Darjeeling, she got a divine inspiration to serve these people whole-heartedly. Then she started her service to the sick, orphan, poor and helpless people. She established the ‘Missionaries of Charity’ in 1950. Mother founded the ‘Nirmal Hriday'  Kalighat in  1952

Then one by one she founded ‘Shishu Bhawan’, ‘Premdan’, ‘Gandhi Prem Nibas’ etc. Everyday thousands of poor people get foods from Missionaries of Charity. There are her charitable organizations in Ranchi, Jhansi , Bombay, England, America, Australia, Africa, Japan, Polland, Yugoslavia, Russia etc. Mother had always special attention to leprosy and AIDS patients.

 Ninety thousand leprosy patients and near about 700 AIDS patients are being served from different centres of her organizations. She found 124 schools where twenty thousand poor children are taught. Slowly the entire world became the place of her service

. There are now 468 centres of her charitable organization throughout the planet . Mother found Jesus in her patients an poor, helpless people.

 Different honours got to her. She won the Padmashree in 1962, the Noble prize in 1979 and Bharat Ratna in 1980. Teresa died on 5th September, 1997. A state funeral was given to her. the entire world bade her a tearful farewell. Mother is not any more but her parents, poor and helpless people are still considerably there. Her soul will rest in peace if we will render service to those people. 

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