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Prosperity and development of good manners.

Prosperity and development of good manners.

Good manners are the essential qualities of a man with good character and integrity. Good manners can make a person very popular with his friends and relatives. Such persons generally lead a happy and peaceful life.

 A well-mannered man must be honest and unselfish. He must be very polite and friendly. He must be truthful and dutiful. Such persons always, show proper respect to their elders and affection for youngers. They are always eager and interested to help and co-operate with their fellow-men in their distress and hours of need. Such people are never proud and haughty. They are always gentle and upright.

 Good manners come from good culture and tradition in a society. A child can have the best training in good manners and behaviour from the elders in his or her family. The school is another important place where students can learn proper manners. Good manners, however, should be learnt from the primary stage of one's life. They can never be learnt overnight.

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